Baby Reflexology

Reflexology is something I tried for de-stressing and relaxation while pregnant, and absolutely loved it! When I heard about reflexology baby classes I thought it sounded interesting and went along for an afternoon trial.

I have to say I was skeptical as Flynn hardly sits still now, however he was mesmerised and lasted around 30 minutes, which I would say is good for a one year old. Fiona, who carries out the treatment, is great with kids, very gentle and softly spoken.

Reflexes in the feet link to different areas of the body. For babies this can help with various issues such as teething, nose and throat congestion, constipation and colic. As reflexology is calming on the body it can also promote sleep and general wellbeing. One of the reflexes is said to help sooth a baby when crying, we did not try and test this as Flynn was not crying (thankfully!), but during the treatment he was extremely relaxed when pressure was put on this point.

I think reflexology baby classes would have been great when he was younger, the above issues were difficult to deal with at the early stage. The class was extremely informative and I learnt about specific points of the foot that I was previously unaware of. I would definitely have tried the techniques during sleep deprived times! As younger babies lie still for a longer period of time, I would say from 2-8 months is an ideal age for the class.

Even though Flynn is on the move I’m happy to try reflexology again. He seemed to enjoy it and had a great night’s sleep, this may have been a coincidence, but either way I was happy! I am also going to keep it in mind when he is teething badly, as it is very distressing and effects his sleep.

Baby reflexology classes are available now at Santosa, 21 Albert Street In Leith, Edinburgh. There are also yummy vegan cakes in the cafe for afterwards!

Check out Fiona’s page for more details on reflexology and to book drop her a message. Both baby and adult reflexology is available.


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